Must Haves for May

When I think of classic spring pieces, I typically think right to floral prints – groundbreaking, I know – and feminine silhouettes. In reality, though, my spring wardrobe is much more simple. I tend to gravitate towards neutral and versatile pieces that I can pair with playful shoes and accessories; with a large majority of my wardrobe being white / cream / beige, I love that we can push the boundaries a bit in Charleston when it comes to wearing white before MDW.

Now that we've officially hit the days where temperatures are regularly coasting at mid to high eighties (seriously, some of these days have already ben so warm, I am a bit nervous for July!), I'm completely committed to my spring wardrobe. I've quickly learned that the best options for a Charleston spring are light, loose, and flowy pieces that breathe, and layers for when you step inside air conditioned restaurants and shops. Linen has quickly become my savior.

Must Haves for May.jpg

PANAMA HAT | Funny story about me and hats. When I was a child, I was practically bald until abut age 4, so my mom always dressed me in hats. Seriously, I probably had as many hats as Giggy the pom has little outfits. While I am generally a baseball cap at the beach kind of gal, I just picked up this J.Crew panama hat in the natural color a few weeks ago and am so excited to wear it all spring and summer!

SHOULDER-TIE ONE-PIECE SWIMSUIT | I typically never gravitate towards one-piece swimsuits. I just don't find them all that flattering or attractive on my body, and find myself to look a bit awkward in them. (Also, tan lines. But this striped one-piece is just too darling to resist. Those shoulder ties, man.

ESSIE SPRING COLORS | Anybody who knows me knows that my nail polish collection is – for lack of a better term - 50 shades of pink. I always love ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the different shades that Essie comes out with each season, and I am particularly excited over their latest, Excuse Me, Sur. Side note: I have officially come to the conclusion that my dream job would be naming the nail polish colors at the Essie factory.

FRENCH BULLDOG SOLUDOS | No explanation necessary. 

COTTON-LINEN SWEATER | As I mentioned before, linen will always be my go-to love when it comes to fabric choices. I could see this sweater being something that I throw on with white jeans and a fun pair of sandals for dinner, or tossed over jean shorts and a bathing suit after a day at the beach. It's the item that you shamelessly wear every single day on vacation after packing 12 other tops that don't even leave the suitcase.

TORTOISE SUNNIES | I am incredibly picky when it comes to sunglasses and glasses. I have a very small face, and my eyes are pretty close together, so a lot of frames wind up swallowing my face and just looking a bit ridic. My go-to sunglasses will always be my classic black and gold Ray Ban aviators, but I'm definitely on the market for exploring some new shapes. Winner winner chicken dinner?

CHAMBRAY PANT | I love how chambray has evolved past the basic button-up. It has shown up in some of my favorite dresses, tanks, jumpsuits, and now, these little gems. My favorite way to wear chambray? As a joutfit. 

STRAW CLUTCH | I actually bought this straw clutch about a year ago from J.Crew. It was my go-to bag all throughout the summer, and I know it will prove to be just as valuable this time around. You can dress it up or down, and it is the perfect size – big enough to hold all the necessities and small enough to prevent me for packing a doomsday bag.

LAYERED TASSEL EARRINGS | I know, I know. Tassel earrings. Almost as groundbreaking as florals. I have actually been making my own tassel earrings – I hate throwing money on something that is so easily made from a few craft store products... more on that later – but love the look of this layered pair

TASSEL SANDALS | Tassels will be gone tomorrow. But these sandals are freakin' adorable for today.

LINEN JUMPSUIT | This jumpsuit is everything I need and more this spring. The wide leg, the open back, the thick straps, and the high neckline. It really doesn't get much better than that ...except for the fact that it is linen. So it actually does get better.

There you have it, folks. A roundup of my favorite picks for May.