Why Are We Making Light of Being "The Other Woman"?

I've recently come across a handful of articles from some of my favorite publications with titles that make me cringe:

Why I Love Being the Other Woman
I Am The Girl Sleeping With Your Boyfriend: Confessions Of A Sidechick
How To Be the Other Woman

I Am The Sidechick, And I'm Okay With It
I'm The 'Other Girl' and I Don't Feel Guilty

And, if even possible, the content inside these articles – coming from publications geared towards "female empowerment" – is far more sickening than the titles that precede them. These posts aren't "edgy" or speaking to a millennial audience. They are pure trash.

Our actions define us. Him being dishonest doesn't make you any more innocent. Her being wrong for him doesn't make you any more right. Why, all of a sudden, does it seem as though the second half of an unfortunate equation is receiving a free pass – even glory? Especially from media outlets targeted to female companionship, encouragement, and support.How are men supposed to respect women when women can't even have the courtesy to respect each other?

Publications like Cosmopolitan should be working to empower women, not making light of being the other woman. We have the power to treat each other better than that, regardless of the circumstances of the situation. If this is what "female empowerment" has come to, I want no part in it.

End Monday rant.

Rachel Bergan