Health and Fitness Goals for 2017

I recognize that writing a fitness post at the start of a new year is about as cliche as it gets. I do not want this post to be about "resolutions", however. Rather, I'd like it to focus on setting goals and maintaining healthy habits so that I can feel my absolute best throughout 2017 and beyond.

rowing up, I tried every sport imaginable – soccer, hockey, softball, baseball, dance, swim team, diving, field hockey, you name it. Hockey, softball, and field hockey were the three that really stuck, and I was consistently participating in at least two sports year round from about age 10 through my sophomore year of high school. I loved playing sports – it was definitely something that defined who I was growing up. However, I was told that sports were off the table following a pretty major surgery the summer before my junior year of high school.

 I didn't realize it at the time, but the lack of team sports following high school definitely impacted my health and my willingness to work out. I didn't notice it, however, until about a year into college. I'm going to preface this by saying that I've always been a very petite person (in high school I was maybe 100 pounds soaking wet). I have generally had pretty healthy eating habits, but definitely was one of those girls who could eat anything she wanted and not gain a pound. However, just because I was skinny, did not mean that I was healthy

I got into barre a few years back, took a break, and got back into it about a year ago. I love it. Living in Boston, I took classes at Bar Method as often as I could. To say I was obsessed was an understatement, and I joked (although was actually very serious) about being slightly cultish over it. I loved the workout, the instructors, and the beautiful new studio in Boston's financial district.

There is (unfortunately) no Bar Method studio in Charleston, but about a month after arriving in Charleston, I decided that Pure Barre would be the best option for my workouts. To be completely honest, I really hated Pure Barre for the first couple of weeks. However, I caught on to the class flow and have definitely seen results in the 2.5 moths that I've been going. It really is amazing! 

These are the five health and fitness goals that I'm setting for myself for the year:

1 // Get to a workout class at least three times per week. I recognize that three classes per week is not all that inspirational. However, it is something that for me is very realistic and attainable. If I can get to four or even five a week that will be even better, but I know that making it to at least three scheduled classes per week will keep me on track and accountable.

2 // Stay in every position during a barre class. Y'all. Those shakes. I know it's all mental, but there are seriously some exercises where I think I actually might just collapse if I don't take a quick rest or reset. But not this year. A goal of mine is to get through a class where I stay in every position – every plank, every thigh sprint, and every curl. 

3 // Do a split! Not much to elaborate here, just something I'd love to accomplish!

4 // Continue maintaining healthy and realistic eating habits. I have always had fairly healthy eating habits, especially within the past few years. I eat a primarily vegetarian diet (including fish and dairy) really just out of personal preference. I simply prefer vegetarian foods to meat-based foods, and always feel my absolute best when eating a plant and grain based diet. Something that is super important to me, however, is that not omit anything from my diet because it is "bad for me." If I want a  bowl of pasta, I'm going to make a bowl of pasta. If I want a cupcake, I'll eat a cupcake. Heck, if I want a hot dog at a baseball game, I'll eat the dang hot dog. The key is balance. I think that when people start counting calories or heavily dieting, they crave the things that they've omitted and generally become pretty unhappy (or at least I think that would be my experience). I think my eating habits are very realistic for my lifestyle, and I hope to maintain these views and habits throughout the year. Number one goal: drink lots of water!

5 // Step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to working out. Working out can definitely be intimidating, especially in a group exercise environment. Walking into a new studio to try a new workout surrounded by people who are a) gorgeous and fit and b) look like they've been coming to this studio for years is enough to make me want to walk right out the door and crawl into a hole. I am definitely a creature of habit, and am very content at my barre classes. This year, I'd like to try some new workouts – wether it be spinning, pilates, or yoga. Who knows, I may find something that I love as much, if not more than barre (although I'm not sure that's possible...)!