101 in 1001

With a new year comes new goals and new ambitions. I've been wanting to put together my '101 Things in 101 Days' list for quite some time now – inspired by Mackenzie of Design Darling, amongst others – so the launch of this blog and the start of a new year seemed like the perfect time! (And for anyone who knows me, you know that my favorite thing to do is make lists and cross the items off one by one.)


1001 days is approximately 2.75 years (CRAZY that I'll be 29 when this is complete...). This index is both a to do list of short-term goals and a method of keeping longer term goals in sight. My hope is that it will help me look ahead to the future while placing an emphasis on enjoying the every day just a little bit more. So, here it goes: 1001 days to achieve as many goals as possible!

Start date: February 1, 2017

End date: October 30, 2019

Italics = complete

1. Visit a famous landmark

2. Take a spontaneous weekend adventure

3. Take a road trip

4. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean

5. Go on a trip with my entire family

6. Travel to three new states

7. Travel to 10 new cities

8. Get another stamp on my passport

9. Visit a national park


10. Learn a marketable skill

11. Learn to hand letter

12. File my own taxes

13. Learn to French braid OR learn to fishtail the back of my head

14. Learn how to properly blow out my hair so that I don't look like Mufasa

15. Take a fun "just because" skills class

16. Get a bicycle

17. Learn to feel comfortable riding said bike ^ (and actually ride it)

18. Start a collection of something

19. Grow herbs in my kitchen

20. Don't hit snooze every day for two weeks (I am the culprit of setting my alarm for 45 minutes earlier than I actually have to wake up)

21. Organize my Pinterest recipes / other recipes that I have laying around into cards or a book

22. Use up my "excess" makeup and skincare products from Birchbox, Sephora VIB rewards, etc. before buying new travel sized items

23. Successfully donate blood

24. Read for 30 minutes every day for 30 consecutive days

25. Go one week with no heat on my hair (scary) – thank you Keratin treatment!!! 

26. Keep my fiddle leaf fig alive

27. Unsubscribe from all unwanted emails

28. Try five new foods

29. Go one month without shopping for myself

30. Go one month without buying coffee / tea / juice – if I want it, I can make it myself!

31. See a movie at the drive in

32. Say yes to five things I typically wouldn't say yes to

33. Answer '50 questions that will free your mind'

34. Join a University of South Carolina alumni network

35. Go one month without ordering takeout

36. Try something different with my hair

37. Do something that scares me

38. Purge my closet and sell / donate everything I no longer wear

39. Get a library card to borrow books rather than buying

40. Form some new friendships

41. Paint my corn hole boards (and get them down to Charleston!!)

42. Watch all the seasons of a show I've never seen

44. Read 20 new books

45. Cheer on the Gamecocks on the road

45. Watch the sun rise

46. Watch the sun set

47. Have a picnic

48. Go to five concerts

49. Go to a wine tasting

50. Attend a food festival

51. Attend a music festival [High Water 2017]

52. Listen to a new-to-me podcast series [EW's BINGE - Friday Night Lights]

53. Make 15 things off of Pinterest
1) Creamy avocado and spinach pasta

54. Go see a concert I've never been to

55. Go fishing

56. Go to a blow dry bar (how have I not done this...)

57. Read a new book prior to the movie being released; then go see the movie

58. Do a split

59. Sign the 100 classes barre at PB

60. Sign the 250 classes barre at PB

61. Floss!!!

62. Use a juicer to make my own juice

63. Find new doctors in Charleston, make appointments, and go

64. Complete Couch to 5K

65. Complete a PB class without coming out of any of the positions

66. Drink 80 ounces of water a day for two weeks

67. Take a yoga class (bonus points for hot yoga)

68. Do a juice cleanse

69. Take an out of my comfort zone exercise class

70. Run a 5K

71. Go on a hike

72. Rent a SUP

73. Look into becoming a PB instructor and start the process

74. Use my Clarisonic 3x / week for one month (and then keep up with it regularly after that!)

75. Take a girls' trip

76. Make breakfast in bed for someone I love

77. Host a meal at my home

78. Plan a surprise for someone I love

79. Send three "just because" gifts

80. Collect family recipes from both my mom and dad's side

81. Get involved in the community by joining a group / network

82. Spend a Saturday morning at a farmers' market

83. Develop a Charleston City Guide on Bay State to Broad

79. Explore the Sea Islands

80. Start building my career in Charleston

81. Complete the Cooper River Bridge Run

82. Go three months without getting a parking ticket (ugh)

83. Spend a weekend as a tourist in my city

84. Move downtown

85. Try 20 new restaurants:
1) Cru
2) 167 Raw
3) PawPaw
4) Butcher & Bee
5) Minero
6) Le Farfalle
7) FIG
8) Lost Dog Cafe
9) Obstinate Daughter

86. Walk the Ravenel Bridge

87. Go to a Charleston RiverDogs baseball game

88. Attend an oyster roast

89. Enjoy a day of sunshine at each of Charleston's five distinct beach towns

90. Visit the Angel Oak Tree on John's Island

91. Walk through the Avenue of Oaks at Boone Hall Plantation

92. Pay off over 50 percent of my car

93. Get Lasik surgery (or save up the money to do so)

94. Donate to the University of South Carolina

95. Streamline my 401K / IRA accounts

96. Become a homeowner

97. Volunteer for something that I'm passionate about

98. Leave a 100% tip for good service

99. Keep track of all spending for 4 months to help budget

100. Increase my savings account to $X (number is secret)

101. Put $20 into savings for every goal accomplished

I'm looking forward to accomplishing both the big and small – from many of my "one day" goals to items that are always at the back of my mind, yet never seem to get done. I'll be adding this post along with updates to the nav bar at the top of my blog; I hope you'll follow along!