Charleston FAQ

I started this blog as a way for my friends and family to keep up with my day-to-day following the move to Charleston. If you're just landing here for the first time (or are just plain curious), I'm answering some common questions about moving and living in Charleston.

Why did you decide to move?
Honestly, there were a handful of reasons. Eventually, they all piled up into one big reason: I wasn't happy in Boston.

After college, I moved back home and applied tirelessly for jobs in Charleston, Charlotte, Greenville, and Atlanta. I knew I wanted to live close to where I went to college, as that was where the majority of my college friends would be. I didn't really keep in touch with people who I went to high school with, so the idea of living in Boston never really thrilled me. 

After a year at home I landed a job at a communications agency, and a year later moved into Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood with my (now ex-) boyfriend. Things wound up not working out, and as our lease was coming to an end I got to thinking: I couldn't afford a place on my own, moving back in with my parents was not the best option, and frankly, did not really enjoy living in Boston. I found that I was spending so much money to simply live in the city, that it was hard to actually do things in the city. On top of everything, I was extremely unhappy at my job, and knew that I needed to make a big change. 

Overall, the timing seemed right, and I knew if I didn't make the move then, I may never again have the opportunity.

Why Charleston?
From the first time I visited, I knew Charleston was a place I could see myself living someday. It has a small city feel, is right on the water and a quick drive to the beach, has the most amazing food and drink spots, and is simply beautiful. From the picturesque flower boxes to the quaint courtyards and sprawling front porches, each neighborhood is more beautiful than the last.

Living in Charleston also put me close to my college town, so I can easily visit friends and go to football games on weekend. With the exception of my family being far away (come visit me, guys!!), Charleston really has everything I could ever want in a home.

Where did you move from?
My parents live in Andover, Massachusetts, which is just north of Boston and south of New Hampshire. Prior to making the move to Charleston, I was living in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. 

What are you doing for work?
I am working at Candlefish, an adorable candle and gift shop located right in the heart of downtown. I make candles for our candle Library and private label orders, teach candle making workshops, and handle retail and merchandising. Come in and say hi!

Where do you live? Who do you live with?
I currently live in West Ashley, which is just over a bridge off of the peninsula. I met a group of girls on Craigslist right before I moved, and they are great. While I really love my roommates and the less expensive rent, I'll likely be moving downtown by summertime. West Ashley is not far from downtown, but has some of the worst traffic in the city, lacks the charm of downtown, and is not very walkable. 

Do you like it?
I love living in Charleston. It's beautiful, charming, and full of activity. There is always something to do – from a simple happy hour to a city-wide oyster roast – and everyone you meet is so friendly. It is definitely a place I could see myself living long term.

Do you have a question you want to ask? Leave a comment or shoot me a note! I'd love to hear from you.